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by SperasTeam 12 Feb 2022 0 Comments




About myself: I have been active in the flashlight community since 2009, when I first signed up to Candlepowerforums. 2 years later I joined the clan at BLF (budgetlightforum) where I stayed most of my time.
Country: the Netherlands
My first LED flashlight: a 2006 Taskforce Super 1 watt flashlight with Luxeon LED. (direct drive). See link for picture.
Current favorite flashlight: depends on the situation. For throw I like the Astrolux MF04, for carrying, I have an old Fenix LD01 on my keys, that sometimes gets replaced with the MBI HF. Favorite tactical flashlight: Jetbeam TH20. I have a flashlight for each occasion. My 'nicest' flashight is currently the Reylight Krystal.
Favorite flashlight brand: I have been very fond of Sunwayman in the past, but they dropped the ball a few years ago. Acebeam is probably in the top 3 of my list as of now.
Other hobbies: Photography and eneloop batteries (I'm ChibiM)

Below is review by Marco about SPERAS T1:


We already briefly touched upon it. The LED is a Osram KW CSLPM1.TG LED. This LED has an extremely small die, without a dome. This means that it is great for throw. And that is what it is really good at.Its brother, the Osram KW CSLNM1.TG has an even smaller die surface, so it outperforms even this LED at close range, but produces less Lumens.

The reflector is smooth and deep. The bezel is glued so I can't take it apart easily. The tint is cold, as can be expected from this LED. When pointing on a white wall, it has a sharp hotspot, but when you get farther away from the wall, the hotspot isn't clean anymore. It's a little hard to see in the pictures below though. But again, flashlights aren't made for white wall hunters Low


  • Length:  241mm ( 9.48 ”)

  • Head diameter:   63.5mm ( 2.5 ”)

  • Body diameter:  25.7mm ( 1 ”)


  • Empty:  284 g (  10.01oz)

  • With batteries:  375.5 g ( 13.21 oz)

Size comparison with the best flashlight throwers I personally own.

From left to right: Lumintop GT MiniAstrolux FT02Weltool T11Astrolux FT03 and Speras T1

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