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SPERAS P4 4000lm Type C charging Search Rescue Flashlight

by SperasTeam 07 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Hi, this is the first artical to talk with you about SPERAS new product P4. I like this products because it is so powerful and bright, but the size is very compact, You can use it on camping, search, rescue, etc

SPERAS P4 compact with 3 pcs OSRAM led, it could reach to 4000lm because of our advanced driver design. Talking our the driver design, we really pround of our design team. It is consisted of a group of young energy who full of passion to flashlight and serious to technology and quality. The average age of this R&D team is 32 years old. As you can see, how young a team and how professional team. Because at this age, they have about 5-6 years experience to flashlight and now, it is the best time for them to do their new innovation.

SPERAS P4, support type C charging and also could use as a power bank. Thinking, when you are outside, and your phone is power off. At this time, how to do you? Maybe you are busy for thinking where I can charge the phone; But if at this time, in your backpack, you have the SPERAS P4, you can use P4 to charge your phone. It is 5V/2A charging. So, easily help you re-open your phone, very convenient, right?

Now, kindly share some pictures of P4 for you. These pictures are taken by one of our reviewer called Mr. Raymond.

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