1. How long is the warranty?
Speras provide 1-year free repair within 1 year from the purchase date for our flashlight and 1- year free exchange within 1 year for our battery, charger and other accessires.

2. If I buy from you, when will you send the product to us?
We will send you the product within 1-5 working days. When we send, we will give you the tracking No. and you could use the tracking No. check through our website or the shippment official website.

3. When the goods will arrive at my place?
Usually you will receive the goods about 7 working days --15 working days.

4. My LED falshlight could not turn on? What's wrong? How could I do?
Please do the troubleshooting as the following:
1. Check whether the insulation sheet is removed
2. Charge first, eliminate the situation that can not be charged
3. Test with the same type or compatible battery
4. The middle charge can be directly plugged in to see if the flashlight can be lit. It can be illuminated to indicate that most of the cases are battery problems. If it is not lit, it is a circuit/switch problem."
5. Please use the screwdriver to screw tightly the lock piece on the tail cap.
6. Follow the instructions to unlock
7. Wipe clean with alcohol or wipe with a dry cloth"
8. Please make sure all the connection parts have been screwed tightly, especially the flashlight body and flashlight end.
9. If could not solve it, please directly contact SPERAS team by email (info@speraslight.com) to ask for help. We will reply you in a very fast time.