SPERAS PZ18 Zoomable Tactical USB-C FlashlightSPERAS PZ18 Zoomable Tactical USB-C Flashlight

SPERAS PZ18 Zoomable Tactical USB-C Flashlight

The SPERAS PZ18 is a high-tech zoomable flashlight. Equipped with an advanced structure and an advanced driver design, the focused output can reach up to 333lm with a maximum beam distance of 420m. The unfocused / flood output can reach up to 1600lm with...


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The Speras E21 positions itself as a commendable choice in the realm of flashlights, blending tactical compactness with impressive illumination capabilities. Its sleek design, coupled with an ergonomic interface featuring an XXL switch and a cleverly integrated secondary switch, offers users a delightful experience. The powerful SST-40 LED delivers a beam with a substantial hot spot and quality spill, showcasing the E21's prowess in various scenarios. The option to customize modes between "Outdoor" and "Tactical" adds versatility, and the accessory kit, including a remote switch and weapon mount, further expands its potential applications.
Damien Romming
Thursday ,Jan 4, 2024
Well honestly the previous design of the EST is great, I love it, then this EST MAX has the body resemblance of the older version, the length is ok and the UI is very straightforward, the only suggestion that I can contribute is about the pocket clip, the pocket clip of this EST MAX could have been better if it uses the flat profile so it will complements the longer body design for the EST max.
- Raymond
Dec, 2023
It’s not very often that I’m surprised by a light when I go to review it. Generally I have some history with the company and I sorta know what to expect. This one though… I wasn’t familiar with the brand. I’ve got to hand it to Speras, I’m genuinely impressed with their new M4 “mini pocket thrower”. It lives up to (most) of its claims and knocks it out of the park with build quality.
- Gabriel
The Speras E21 flashlight has, among other features, a very neat dual-action tactical tail switch. The switch has a typical mechanical clicky action and is very exposed (so very tactical) but also has a side push option for mode changes. I like the switch. Output is great too, and the feature set (including USB-C charging and a powerbank) make this a great light.
- ZeroAir: www.zeroair.org