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by SperasTeam 12 Feb 2022 0 Comments

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Good day!way back in 1996,i acquired a flashlight given to me by a friend working with GDS of Germany.since most of my shifts were nightly, the flashlight was very useful at work in the wastewater treatment plant where the ponds were at a distance from the perimeter lamp post.

i am always confident having a flashlight at hand,because it saved my life twice..first when an intruder gain entry probably to steal caught my attention.. when i provoked him,he attacked me with a steel rod and a knife.. with only a flashlight at hand, instinct told me point it directly to his eyes..when i noticed him misdirected and unable to see,i ran to a safe place and call security.

second when i fall into a ditch of chest deep mud, and was slowly sucking me..i shouted for help but my co workers are far away and cant hear my cry for help.raising my hand with that flashlight, slicing the dark skies,pointing it to the perimeters, turning it on and off,hoping it could reach to areas where my cry could not..the light was my voice that night..after almost an hour,somebody came to rescue me.

that was the last time i saw my flashlight,"my life saver",maybe when i was extricated,  i lost grip of it due to exhaustion.. during that time,i vowed to myself never to leave home without a flashlight, day and night.

eventually, i became a flashlight lover and in the year 2001,i became a volunteer for a rescue group.i use flashlights but only cheap ones and they only last for a few months..years have passed and internet in our place improved.. and with this given mobile phone,i was able to see your flashlight.on one page,i saw and fall inloved with your SPERAS T1 flashlight,like the picture below..i believed that this will be a great life saver..i really loved to own one,but with two kids in school,my earnings are just enough to make both ends,tuition and medicine first..with that,the pain that i kept comeback.. memories of that incident and that closed plant came
flashing back in my mind.


Pictures of T1



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