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Don't miss SPERAS E21 High Lumen Flashlight!

by ChenZoe 24 Nov 2023 0 Comments


SPERAS E21 2000lm Type C charging Rescue Camping EDC Flashlight

SPERAS E21 participated in Kickstarter crowdfunding a few months ago and got a huge success! The sales exceeded 100,000 US dollars within a few days, it was deeply loved by outdoor sports enthusiasts. Let me introduce SPERAS E21 to you.

Look at SPERAS E21s 2-in-1 tail.

The most special design of SPERAS E21 is its 2-in-1 rubber tail button, you can casually press the tactical tail button to change the modes. One-touch to ECO mode, one-touch to strobe mode. Talking about the special 2-in-1 tail design, I am really proud of our design team. It consists of a group of young energy passionate about flashlights and serious about technology. As you can see, they innovated the first 2-in-1 tail button on the flashlight market.

SPERAS E21’s Specifications.

SPERAS E21 built in Luminus SST40 LED, it could reach 2000 lumens. The max beam distance is 322mm. The net weight is only 135g.

Reduce the weight of your backpack as much as possible when you go outside.

SPERAS E21 not only supports Type C charging but can also be used as a power bank. Think about it, when you go outside, you may have to bring a power bank with you because your phone will run out of battery. But if you have a SPERAS E21 in your backpack at this time, you don't need to bring a power bank to increase the weight of your backpack. The charging voltage of SPERAS E21 is 5V/2A, which can easily charge your mobile phone. This is really convenient, isn't it?

How compact is SPERAS E21?

The length of SPERAS E21 is 128mm, the head size is 25.4mm. It’s smaller than iPhone, so you can put it casually in your pocket or backpack, its size is really compact.

What accessories are includes in SPERAS E21?

SPERAS E21's packaging is fairly simple and straightforward, with the usual white outer packaging and the following things inside:

  • 1* SPERAS E21 Flashlight
  • 1* 5000mAh lithium battery(21700 type)
  • 1* OTG Converter
  • 1* USB-C Charging cable
  • 1* Lanyard
  • 1* Manual

Get your SPERAS E21 here :

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