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ZeroAir's Review of SPERAS PZ18 Zoomable Flashlight

by ChenZoe 19 Mar 2024 0 Comments

The Speras PZ18 zoomable flashlight offers great throw or flood. The included 18650  cells can be charged via built-in USB-C! The e-switch has an indicator, too!

What's Included

  • 1* Speras PZ18 zoomable flashlight
  • 1* Speras EB31 18650 Lithium Battery
  • 1* Charging cable
  • 1* Lanyard
  • 2* Spare o-rings
  • 1* Manual

Build Quality and Disassembly
The build quality of the Speras PZ18 zoomable flashlight is good. There are not really any concerns to mention; the build quality is on par with the price.

The head can be pushed all the way in (flood) or all the way out (throw).

The head doesn’t have to be twisted to extend, which I find to be a nice feature.

Both the head and tail have springs.

The tailcap spring is much beefier, though. I couldn't get the cell tube off the head, but the tailcap has a very smooth removal.

Size and Comps
Flood: 131mm x 36mm x 25.4mm
Focus: 149.7mm x 36mm x 25.4mm
Weight: 137g (without cell)

Retention and Carry
Only a lanyard is included for carrying the Speras PZ18 zoomable flashlight. It attaches through this tailcap hole.

Power and Runtime
The Speras PZ18 zoomable flashlight is powered by a single lithium-ion cell, and an appropriate cell is included. It’s a 3100mAh 18650 and appears to be standard.

Charging takes place via a USB-C port near the head end.
Charging looks good, at around 1A. It’s also very consistent between A and C sources.

LED and Beam
Speras says the emitter is a Luminus SST-40. It’s cool white! In the flood setting, you’ll see the view below.

Summary and Conclusion
As far as zoomable lights go, the Speras PZ18 zoomable flashlight is a nice option. I like it mainly because it doesn’t have PWM! I do not love how cool white the output is. The build quality is good and the price is reasonable – this is probably a good option for those relatives who won’t let go of the notion that zoomable lights are the best lights!

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