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by SperasTeam 12 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Dear ladies and gentlemen!


My name is Paul, and I am the last few years write reviews commissioned by well-known manufacturers, which I place on my blog, on a page in Facebook, and the profile sections in specialized forums.

I move forward both known and unknown, and new brands in the markets of Ukraine and Russia, and by means of surveys acquaint them with new potential buyers.

National feature of our target audience, I am sorry, to be such that potential buyers rarely read news and reviews in the English language, and it does not allow them to fully navigate the range of products of companies that are not represented in our market, but which would have the potential interest. This feature is used by major brands that feel the monopolists in the absence of competitors, and often raise prices on their products.

I have carefully studied the range of products on your website, and can say with full responsibility that your products are manufactured with the use of high technology, it is an innovative and competitive in comparison with the products promoted brands!

I am pleased to introduce our target audience with your product range, and I will write to you with great reviews of high-quality photos and videos, and detailed description of competitive advantage. 


 Here's a link to my blog:


Some nice pictures for SPERAS E1

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